The GripMate 2 Cup Holder

Ready to build the ultimate accessory for your boat, aircraft, or RV? Each GripMate is handmade in the USA with a unique design. Get started by building your GripMate here! First, choose the  color of your GripMate. Then, add the number of sides you would like for custom text and images. Select “none” for no additional charge.

If you choose to use the included GripMate artwork, you do not need to select “custom image” in the builder. Once you are finished, click “Customize Your GripMate” to design each side of your GripMate, including uploading custom images, selecting our GripMate clipart, and creating your custom text.

Double check the number of sides you have selected for custom items. We are not responsible for custom designs that do not reflect the number of sides chosen for your GripMate on this page. We will only embroider the number of custom image and text sides chosen below.

For international shipping, we charge an initial flat rate of $50 at time of purchase. Any additional cost for shipment, if needed, will be charged separately before your item is shipped.

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