Build Your GripMate

Now, get ready to build your GripMate! Design each side of your GripMate by selecting “front”, “left”, “right”, and “back” below the image. Each side can only include ONE custom image, custom text, or GripMate clipart. Using the menus to the left of the image, you can customize your text’s font and style as well as upload your custom designs. Then, you can arrange your text and images on your GripMate by selecting them on the image and using the tools at the top of the builder. This includes centering your items or deleting them. GripMate clipart images are entirely separate from custom images and are an additional $12 charge.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only include as many sides of custom images and text as you chose on the previous page. If you design your GripMate below with more custom images and text than is listed in your cart, we will only include the number of custom images selected in the cart. Please double check that the number of sides here matches the number of sides for custom images and text chosen in your cart.

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